Public Sector

Public sector agencies present a unique challenge balancing budget constraints with the demands of politicians and the needs of society. We bring global best practices and public sector acumen to support authorities with their greatest challenges.

Economic Sanctions & Regulatory Compliance

Straife helps agencies confidently understand and manage their obligations to comply with international regulations, sanctions, and trade restrictions. More than general advisory, our subject matter experts have extensive knowledge in federal legislation and international financial regulations including Anti Money Laundering (AML), Bank Secrecy Act (BSA), Counter Financing of Terrorism (CFT), Financial Action Task Force (FATF), and Sanctions Enforcement and Compliance. Within these programs, our services include risk assessment, program development and implementation advisory, and training.

Law Enforcement & National Security

Straife helps law enforcement and national security agencies develop more effective solutions to prevent, detect, and prosecute crimes. Our solutions increase operational efficiency, responsiveness, and effectiveness to protect people and assets. Our services comprise of agency assessments; task force operations and join investigations; human trafficking prevention, enforcement, investigations, and prosecution; counterterrorism advisory; international investigations; critical incident and terrorist event planning; asset tracing and recovery support; training and support to stop organized crime; critical elements and value intelligence; major investigations and case management.

Border Management and Security Advisory & Training

From mass refugee events to drug interdiction to everyday enforcement of border and customs controls, Straife helps clients prepare, react, and succeed in handling the most complex border management issues. Our border security experts help governments worldwide to analyze their border management operations and personnel to craft solutions to the unique challenges they face with customs enforcement, organized crime and drug trafficking, and immigration, refugee, and mass migration.


Having served in senior executive positions in the U.S. Defence and national security community, our team has deep practical experience addressing the ever-changing external, and internal, security risks facing clients. We leverage this experience to help implement enduring and ethical solutions to complex, national interest challenges with services including Defense Support Of Civil Authority (DSCA), non-combat evacuation operations, defense logistics assessment, process improvement, disaster relief and planning, and leadership training and development.

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Critical Infrastructure

It’s crucial to plan for emergencies and disasters to maintain the functionality of society. With a myriad of offerings, Straife provides planning for all types of critical infrastructure and key resources. With a thorough risk assessment, we analyze internal processes and organizational needs, as well as identify deficiencies through physical and cybersecurity threat modeling and penetration testings. Our program development and implementation advisory services review and develop security protocols, help with capacity building and continuity of operations and resiliency planning, as well as provide best practices. We also offer in-person and virtual training and continued education courses.


We work with clients to deliver high quality, actionable intelligence and analysis for decision-making, planning, and crisis response. Straife merges strategic level assessments with ground-level operations to reduce the risk of uncertainties through risk assessments, political intelligence, geopolitical analysis, intelligence-driven investigations, and counter-disinformation advisory.