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Careers at Straife

In this fast-paced global market, our experts must be adaptable and thrive in a collaborative, team-driven culture to bring deep knowledge and fresh perspectives across multiple disciplines and industries.

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Creating value and transforming businesses

Straife brings together a team of globally-recognized subject matter experts to provide invaluable insights to our clients. Experts in our network share critical insights and perspectives to inform strategic and vital decision-making. We constantly recruit new world-class experts to support our rapidly growing global footprint. Our team of operations, sales, and media professionals work with our experts to build financial incentives through our expanding client base.
In addition to business opportunities, our experts enjoy personal development opportunities such as promoting our experts for media interviews, domestic and international conference panel events, and the opportunity to network with a diverse group of other consulting professionals within our network. For more information about joining Straife's global expert network, contact us below.
Career Opportunities

Meaningful action

We work closely with our clients to take their most important challenges and tap into their greatest opportunities.  We go beyond ideas to design solutions and implement meaningful action.  We cannot do this without an amazing support team.  

From early on, you’ll have hands-on, real-world responsibility and the support you need to develop a breadth of skills and experiences that will enable you to fulfill your potential. You can work across industries and take on highly challenging and groundbreaking projects.


We work with the leaders of prestigious global organizations to help shape and execute their key agendas.

Let’s talk about how we can put our expertise to work for you