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Innovative consulting and action against financial crime

Straife assists governments and agencies in response to situations of noncompliance and provide sustainable financial crime solutions.

The operational side of fighting
financial crime

Straife provides comprehensive forensic accounting, fraud investigation, valuation, and expert witness services that deliver financial transparency.

Our subject-matter experts work closely with key stakeholders to address weaknesses and enhance compliance across a range of Anti-Money Laundering / Counter-financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT) and Anti-Corruption global requirements and best practices, including Financial Action Task Force compliance (FATF).

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The framework for fighting financial crime

Financial crime industry and regulatory leadership Our global regulatory network of experts connects jurisdictions around the world and provides insights to many financial institutions and regulators.
Enhanced transparency and governance A robust operating model and detailed, actionable reporting enable agencies to better understand increasingly complex compliance requirements.
Technology-enabled innovation Our advanced systems and analytics leverage cutting-edge technologies, helping organizations manage financial crime risk in a cost-effective, sustainable way.
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Pragmatic and objective independent analysis

We have a depth of sector-specific knowledge across a wide range of industries, having spent extensive amounts of time in the field gathering information first-hand and examining the environment and contextual setting of each engagement.

Our professionals possess the certifications and real-world expertise that provide the ability to examine each assignment from a unique perspective.

Our services encompass:
  • Anti-Money Laundering & Anti-Terrorist Financing
  • Sanctions & Compliance
  • Fraud & Identity Theft
  • Regulatory Response & Remediation Services
  • Market Manipulation & Insider Trading
  • Risk Assessments
  • Asset Tracing & Recovery Support
  • Forensic Investigations
  • Training & Development
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Combatting financial crime


Anti-Money Laundering & Anti-Terrorist Financing

We provide governments with practical AML and anti-terrorist financing advice and assistance across their entire enterprise.

Sanctions & Compliance

Straife helps governments implement new compliance processes and controls with access to leading expertise, best practices, workflows, and advanced technology.


Fraud & Identity Theft

We provide valuable support to safeguard organizations and their stakeholders from fraud.

Regulatory Response & Remediation Services

We guide organizations when preparing for and responding to regulatory examinations to deal with the unexpected.

Market Manipulation & Insider Trading

We assist agencies in market abuse matters by providing advice, investigating incidents, and acting as an expert witness.

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Risk Assessments

We leverage our proven solutions to help organizations manage their financial crime risks more effectively and efficiently.

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Asset Tracing & Recovery Support

Our financial investigators and forensic accountants specialize in locating and recovering missing, hidden, stolen, and embezzled assets, recovering significant proceeds from those frauds on behalf of victims, and supporting agencies’ anti-corruption agendas.


Forensic Investigations

Straife investigates suspected internal fraudulent activities, corruption, and misconduct quickly and confidently.

Training & Development

Our revolutionary train-the-trainer model allows organizations to prevent and detect financial crime within their organizations.

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