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Comprehensive corporate strategy that redefines the meaning of growth

Straife’s team of management consultants and risk experts work with clients to enter new markets, support client M&A actions, and foster key growth and risk management strategies.

Futureproof decision-making

Straife helps clients modernize current operations to transform the future of their business. From optimizing business processes and operations to designing a next-gen operating model, we support businesses with a broad range of strategic transformation services.

Our team of business development experts carefully work in close cooperation with our risk management team, resulting in higher returns and lower risk.

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Turning strategy into results


Our subject matter experts help companies develop holistic strategies to achieve competitive advantages and growth.


We guide companies in amplifying their value by identifying new opportunities and implementing strategies to capitalize on them.


Straife partners with clients to drive effective digital transformation, advance brands, and outpace the competition.

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Partnering with businesses to help them grow and outpace the competition

Built on expertise and global relationships, Straife pairs management consulting efforts with its risk management services to deliver solutions with higher returns and lower risks. Combined with Straife’s other risk management services, such as geo-strategic advice, due diligence support, corporate intelligence, local partner vetting, and compliance, we can meet the full spectrum of client corporate strategy needs.

Our services encompass:
  • Geostrategic Insight
  • Geopolitical Intelligence
  • Corporate Intelligence
  • Risk Management
  • Market Research
  • Strategic Planning
  • M&A Strategies
  • Growth Strategies
  • Corporate Optimization
  • Investment Strategy
  • New Market Development
  • Due Dilligence
  • Capacity Building
  • Government & Stakeholder Relations
  • Project Implementation Support
  • International Finance Support

Navigating the pathway to growth

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Geostrategic Insights

Political risks generate challenges and opportunities for global organizations, creating an imperative to develop more strategic approaches to managing political risk. Straife helps companies do this by translating geopolitical insights into business strategy.


Geopolitical Intelligence

Integrating geopolitical analysis with day-to-day workflow has become an undeniable business success criterion for companies. This requires applying data, knowledge, experience, and insights on global and local waves of change to company policies and decisions, from international politics to technology and social trends. Straife enhances and upgrades a client’s geostrategic analysis and action, aligning them with profitable, valuable, and lasting business policies.


Corporate Intelligence

To outmaneuver your competitors, organizations must know what they’re up against. Straife provides detailed intelligence on your competitor’s R&D strategy, product pipeline, technology roadmap, and product life-cycle management objectives so that organizations can see the big picture. Our strategic competitor intelligence services combine in-depth primary research findings with both traditional and innovative analytical tools, providing a holistic view of the competition.

Risk Management

In a highly complex and volatile market, Straife’s team of experts helps lower financial, operational, and strategic risks, building a roadmap for remediation measures and robust procedures for ongoing monitoring and continual assessment.


Market Research

Expanding into international markets is crucial for any existing business trying to realize its full potential. Straife works with clients to conduct a market analysis, assess business potential, and develop a business plan for expansion.


Strategic Planning

Straife’s world-class management consulting services help companies accelerate growth and realize sustained value creation with winning strategies delivered by best-in-class experts.


M&A Strategies

The initial phase in mergers and acquisitions is the simplest: choosing the M&A target. Yet, acquirers often pursue targets opportunistically rather than methodically, contributing to high failure rates. From identifying and mitigating risks throughout the merger and acquisition lifecycle, we help our clients maximize value and protect operations by leveraging the insights of our global advisory team and our subject matter experts.

Growth Strategy

Straife provides a suite of turnkey services focused on understanding the opportunities and risks of new markets and the best path for entrance. Our team has worked globally, helping clients succeed in the most challenging environments.


Corporate Optimization

Straife can support the development of new internal and external organizational structures that can support the strategic direction of our client organizations. Our approach to organization design starts with a single premise: changing a company’s performance requires changing the organizational context in which its employees perform.

Investment Strategy

Our strategy consulting helps companies and private equities to explore the right investment strategy; to benefit from a global and multidisciplinary team support in making investment decisions. Our priority is to offer a systematic approach to making investment decisions based on principles, guidelines, and rules as well as gathering the data and information to assess different hypotheses of proactive action. It involves a roadmap and financial analysis expected to meet the client’s business goals while considering the risk tolerance, time horizon, and the corporate value.


New Market Development

Strategic partnerships and alliances allow corporations to scale quickly, enter new markets, and pool valuable expertise and resources. Straife’s global network offers clients the opportunity to partner with local businesses, communities, and governments to achieve operational success.


Due Diligence

Decisions involving significant business moves, large-scale acquisitions, new partnerships, and expanding operations into new and foreign countries inevitably involve trade-offs between risks and benefits. Straife’s due diligence service supports clients’ risk management and helps minimize such business risks by providing comprehensive assessments of business targets. Our unique methodology produces a broad and detailed overview of the designated target, taking into account a multitude of financial, marketing, legal, and technical aspects.


Capacity Building

Striafe helps companies improve their problem-solving skills with an entrepreneurial mindset and supports organizational capacity building. Our approach blends diagnostics, leadership team development, business implementation strategies, and advising to foster collaboration and drive business forward with skills and frameworks for sustained growth.


Government & Stakeholder Relations

Our team has decades of experience working with US government agencies, both as government officials and as experts advocating to the government. Our team includes former officials from the US State Department, Homeland Security, FBI, DEA, Treasury, Department of Energy, Power Africa (USAID), and the US Agency for Global Media (Voice of America).


Project Implementation Support

Straife's team of strategists and technical experts support a broad spectrum of client project development requirements. From pre-feasibility and market research to technology selection to project oversight, our team has experience to support the full range of client needs. 


International Finance Support

Straife supports client engagement with international finance agencies, including EXIM and DFC. Our team has worked with various government finance entities. Specific to energy projects, our experts have been involved in multi-billion dollar finance efforts both at DFC and EXIM bank.

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