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Simplify Compliance Management with Straife

We help clients develop comprehensive and effective regulatory compliance and financial crime prevention programs, designing controls to manage risk exposure.

Achieving critical compliance goals

Straife’s global team is comprised of former regulators, compliance officers, and law enforcement officials, as well as attorneys, academics, experienced consultants, and IT specialists. Our years of experience and deep sector knowledge allow us to deliver bold, comprehensive solutions that empower clients to act with clarity and decisiveness. 

Straife works with clients to meet industry best practices for a wide variety of compliance requirements, including U.S. Sanctions (OFAC/BIS), Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), Bank Secrecy Act (BSA), European Green Deal, EU single market regulations and other US, EU, and international compliance regimes.

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Compliance made easy

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Identify compliance program gaps With the support of a team of experts, Straife determines areas of improvement and actionable insights to empower clients to take their compliance program to the next level.
Build a culture of compliance As former compliance professionals and regulators, our experts highlight tactics to help clients build and maintain an active culture of compliance.
A pulse on the regulatory landscape Through deep regulatory knowledge, Straife subject matter experts amplify compliance efforts and ensure clients stay up-to-date with the latest industry alerts.
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Ensuring your organization has the right safeguards in place

Our experience with sanctions programs, regulations, case law, and various specialty statutes directed at sanctioned countries and entities helps advise businesses on complex compliance rules and regulations. We evaluate corporate risk in a rigorous, disciplined manner, pinpointing real problems, delivering real solutions when developing a risk and compliance program. 

Our experts provide risk assessments, investigations, program development and implementation advisory, program management, and training.

compliance areas:
  • Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) Compliance
  • Anti Money Laundering / Bank Secrecy Act Compliance
  • Office of Foreign Asset Controls (OFAC) Sanctions Compliance
  • Bureau of Industry & Security (BIS) Compliance
  • European Digital Single Market
  • European Green Deal
  • EU Trade Agreements

Helping clients navigate and manage regulatory compliance


Compliance Assessments & Audits

Straife tailors risk-based compliance with each corporation’s current business model. Through thorough internal risk assessment, audits, and investigations, clients receive a holistic overview of current operational sanctions risks and blind spots, detailed maps of key compliance risks, and a blueprint for building or revising a sanctions compliance program.

Program Development

Straife advises on a broad range of compliance and advisory issues, including anti-corruption laws, economic sanctions, anti-money laundering, counter-terrorist financing laws, competition laws, and many other regulatory regimes. Our methodology includes designing a program with the full lifecycle of compliance in mind. 

Compliance as a Service

Meeting regulatory requirements is challenging for today’s organizations due to their busy operational environments. Straife’s subject matter experts offer compliance implementation, management, and maintenance services with minimal impact on clients’ day-to-day business activities.


Detailed and specialized training keeps organizations abreast of complex international and domestic requirements. A customized train-the-trainer model combined with cutting-edge e-learning technology increases the in-country financial intelligence unit knowledge base, decreases training costs and times, and ensures maximum trainee compliance.
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