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Defining and orchestrating a winning roadmap

Straife services support our clients across the business lifecycle and at multiple levels of the organization. Our strategy development helps address the current challenges while developing and implementing specific tactics to help our clients drive growth, which is a key element of our offering.

Partnering for complex project delivery

Businesses today face many strategic challenges driving profitable revenue growth while integrating sustainability, compliance, and response to external market forces into their strategy and operations.

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When deep technical knowledge is required

Substantial industry Knowledge Our expert advisory professionals bring in-depth technical knowledge, market insight, and substantial industry experience so that each engagement is scoped specifically to meet client needs and requirements.
Agility and resiliency We combine our technical domain knowledge, digital innovation, and consulting excellence with our network of collaborative partners, ensuring clients not only thrive but remain agile and resilient in a volatile world.
Accomplishing business-critical objectives Straife helps define and accelerate its client’s journey from current to desired future state while taking people, process, and organizational and product factors into consideration.
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Unparalleled expertise that overcomes challenges

Straife’s trusted experts guide the execution of project goals or business outcomes. We guide organizations to navigate an increasingly dynamic, complex, and competitive world by aligning transformation with business strategy to create competitive advantage and a clear focus on business impact.

With a surge in both consumer and commercial electrical demand, the coming electrification of transportation, and the rapid shift from fossil-based fuel power, Straife also guides energy companies in embracing and transitioning future endeavors.

Our services encompass:
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Project Development Support
  • Owners Engineer & Project Management Support
  • Energy Transition, Sustainability, and Decarbonization Strategies
  • Technical Advisory Services
  • Oil & Gas
  • Carbon Management & Carbon Program Development
  • Technology Selection & Validation
Technical Advisory SOLUTIONS

Technical advisory, consulting, and project management solutions


Feasibility Studies

Straife provides techno-economic assessments of technologies, projects, and opportunities to help companies decide their growth strategies. Our world-renowned subject matter experts assist in developing new technologies and projects, supporting executives in their strategic decisions to implement new solutions to address growth initiatives and manage implementation risks.

Project Development Support

Straife provides expertise and knowledge in all areas of project development execution.  Straife offers support in project development activities and teams of advisors to complement the owner's project development team. Straife helps identify critical milestones and supports the documentation development that can lead to financial closure and project execution.  Straife provides advisory services to develop successful project execution approaches and strategies.


Owners Engineer & Project Management Services

Straife helps companies reduce risk and add value to their client organizations by effectively overseeing their investment projects. Our advisors work closely with the client’s executives and teams to add a level of review and oversight to ensure successful project implementations.  Our team of experts has supported capital projects for over three decades, from project conceptual design to project completion, with targeted services supporting specific project elements, such as technology selection and validation, EPC selection, and development and review of contracting strategies.


Energy Transition, Sustainability, & Decarbonization Strategies

We provide strategic and technical advisory services for energy and process industry companies who want to move forward into a successful and sustainable future. Straife offers clients advice and execution services that can reduce sustainability risks as well as increase competitive advantages in the energy transition sector that can accelerate the potential return on investment of the strategic goals and projects in the sector.  Straife advisors can provide practical suggestions in implementing decarbonization and net-zero strategies, bridging between high-level goals and actual executable solutions.


Technical Advisory Services

Straife provides technical advisory services in multiple markets and industries. Straife supports client initiatives by identifying and managing risks throughout the life of the projects. Straife helps identify issues and opportunities early in the development process and during the project execution to avoid adverse effects on the client's activities. Straife supports clients in the development and management of contracting and execution strategies to help reduce costs and schedule implications. Straife technical advisors are able to provide suggestions and recommendations to strengthen the business objectives of the client organizations.    

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Oil & Gas

Straife offers highly experienced advisors in multiple areas of the oil and gas industry.  Straife's team of experts includes energy consultants, geologists, petroleum and other engineering disciplines, as well as experienced executives from the industry who can play multiple roles in support of client activities.  Straife advisors have experience in traditional upstream and downstream energy projects, exploration and production, drilling, natural gas storage, geothermal, and other renewable energy projects.


Carbon Management & Carbon Program Development

Straife's team of experts and advisors have participated and worked in developing carbon management and trading initiatives. Our experts have worked in carbon capture and sequestration and other carbon management projects. Straife advisors can guide owners in the selection of projects that can generate certified carbon credits for the owners.  This expertise is offered to clients looking for support in the multiple activities required to develop successful carbon management and CCUS initiatives and projects.  


Technology Selection & Validation

Organizations must align their business strategy with emerging technology to deliver value to the business both now and in the future. We guide clients to understand new technologies and markets that help identify the most appropriate solutions based on a thorough understanding of the unique needs of each project and organization.  In the current environment and continuous development of technologies for the energy and energy transition industries, it is critical to validate new technology developments to minimize the technology risk in investment projects and avoid failed investments.

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