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A learning resource for the
future of business

Straife offers an immersive approach to learning that prepares organizations to handle potential threats and situations in their day-to-day work life.

Training tailored to individual business needs and goals

A customized train-the-trainer model combined with our deep understanding of existing approaches and cutting-edge e-learning technology help organizations develop a cohesive learning and development strategy that works for their workforce, decreases training costs and times, and ensures maximum trainee talent and compliance.
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Elevating experience with skills that matter

Knowledge management development Straife’s tailor-made training and development courses focus on developing knowledge management infrastructure and promoting a culture that encourages the effective creation, refinement, sharing, and storage of knowledge.
Structured training consistent with business strategies Our multidisciplinary training professionals spend time understanding your requirements, assessing your working environment, and tailoring our programs and resources to deliver specific outcomes for your organization and staff.
Globally recognized mentors Our courses incorporate cutting-edge techniques and hands-on activities developed by internationally recognized and qualified training staff.
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Empowering frontline staff and leadership

Our team of experts has spent decades working at the highest levels of government and the corporate world. Our training programs directly bring this globally recognized subject matter expertise into client environments through customized program development and in-house training initiatives.

Our services encompass:
  • Ransomware Prevention
  • Cybersecurity Audits
  • Incident Simulation Exercises
  • Recovery
  • Crisis Management
  • Investigation & Remediation
  • International Relations Culture, Protocol, & Negotiations

Training that’s engaging, relevant, and effective


Ransomware Prevention

Ransomware awareness and training are essential for protecting your data. Straife ransomware prevention courses help organizations increase preparedness and resilience against ransomware.

Cybersecurity Audits

Cybersecurity audits are essential to evaluate the effectiveness of your security controls, identify vulnerabilities, and comply with regulations and standards. Straife offers cybersecurity audit development courses to improve an organization’s cybersecurity skills and practices.

Incident Simulation Exercises

Cybersecurity exercises are a very effective way of learning the practical aspects of information security. Straife’s Incident Simulation Exercises enable participants to increase collaboration through greater understanding, familiarity, and a better understanding of cyber attacks.


Training key staff on recovery skills and techniques is essential. Straife recovery training equips individuals with the tools, techniques, and professional skills needed to recover data more effectively and by design rather than by default.
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Crisis Management

More and more organizations see crisis preparation and planning as mandatory. Straife empowers organizations large and small with crisis management training to prepare processes and plans to handle any emergency.

Investigation & Remediation

To help businesses protect their IT enterprises and build their cyber talent and AI strategies, Straife offers comprehensive training on key concepts that can be used to facilitate incident response efforts within organizations.

International Relations Culture, Protocol, and Negotiations

Global businesses confront a variety of obstacles, such as unfamiliar laws, ideologies, and government, when working cross-border. Straife enables companies to enhance their knowledge of international protocol and diplomacy matters, increase their understanding of the intricacies of international relations, and foster close partnerships.
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