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Helping organizations thrive in rapidly changing environments

Straife guides organizations around the world in assessing risk and developing agile, tech-enabled solutions to minimize potential losses.

Overcome today’s challenges to seize tomorrow’s opportunities

With increasing stakeholder scrutiny and obligations around transparency and governance, today’s demanding business environment requires risk consultants who understand the challenges you face and can deliver solutions to meet your complex needs.

Our team of former industry executives, regulators, subject-matter experts, and analytics specialists will help you plan and execute data-driven risk management solutions to protect your business and encourage growth. We bring leading insights and innovative capabilities to advise you on meeting the challenges of today — and tomorrow.

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Explore our arsenal of capabilities and experience

Corporate Strategy

Straife helps clients modernize current operations to transform the future of their business. From optimizing business processes and operations to designing a next-gen governance and operating model, we support businesses with a broad range of strategic transformation services.

Risk Management

We provide expert perspectives on the risks faced by industries, economies, and societies. Our team works closely with corporations to offer effective, customized enterprise risk management solutions.


Strengthen your compliance program with our global team of compliance professionals. Straife provides advice on a broad range of compliance and advisory issues, including anti-corruption laws, economic sanctions, anti-money laundering, counter-terrorist financing laws, competition laws, and many other regulatory regimes.


Digital transformation is advancing at breakneck speed, giving CSOs a huge opportunity to update cybersecurity strategies. However, the private sector struggles to contend with the growing scope, scale, and complexity of cyber risks. We evaluate risk in a rigorous, disciplined manner, pinpointing security vulnerabilities and delivering solutions to protect corporate finances, reputation, and property.

Environmental, Social, & Governance (ESG)

Straife’s ESG and sustainability professionals extensively support companies and advisors navigating today’s rapidly shifting ESG demands. Our diverse group of experts guides you through materiality assessments, sustainability reporting, net zero strategies, supply chain audits, ESG-related internal investigations, and more to create a sustainable and inclusive future for your organization and the world as a whole.

Technical Advisory

Straife’s trusted experts guide the execution of project goals or business outcomes. We guide organizations to navigate an increasingly dynamic, complex, and competitive world by aligning transformation with business strategy to create competitive advantage and a clear focus on business impact.

Training & Capacity-Building

Detailed and specialized training keeps companies abreast of complex international and domestic requirements. Combined with cutting-edge e-learning technology, our customized train-the-trainer model is designed to increase your organization’s intelligence unit knowledge base, decrease training costs, shorten training timelines, and ensure maximum trainee compliance.

Let’s talk about how we can put our expertise to work for you