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Leading insights and innovative capabilities for public sector risk management

Leveraging global best practices and public sector acumen, we help leaders across all levels of government develop innovative solutions to complex problems.

We help organizations enhance their effectiveness and embrace new models of change

Public sector agencies present a unique challenge — balancing budget constraints with the demands of politicians and the needs of society. 

Straife works with ambitious leaders who want to define the future, not hide from it. We leverage our deep understanding of rapidly shifting socio-economic challenges to support authorities with their greatest challenges.

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Discover the breadth and depth of our 
public sector expertise

Counterterrorism & Organized Crime

Straife brings together the skills, knowledge, and capabilities of a diverse group of experts, including seasoned law enforcement officers, government officials, and intelligence analysis professionals. Our expertise draws from the senior ranks of the law enforcement and counterterrorism communities, with both domestic and international experience.

Financial Crimes & Anticorruption

Transnational financial crime has grown exponentially in recent years, undermining global financial systems, impeding economic growth, and causing huge losses to businesses and individuals worldwide. Corruption adds further complexity, creating a fertile ground for organized criminal activities. Straife subject-matter experts work closely with key stakeholders to strengthen organizations’ collective efforts against financial crime and corruption. 

National Security & Defense

Having served in senior executive positions in U.S. defense and national security communities, our team has deep practical experience with the ever-changing security risks — both external and internal — our clients face.

We leverage this experience to implement enduring and ethical solutions to complex, national interest challenges, with services including Defense Support Of Civil Authority (DSCA), non-combat evacuation operations, defense logistics assessment, process improvement, disaster relief and planning, and leadership training and development.

Economic Growth & Investment

Public investment is a key driver of productivity and economic growth, but the dynamics around economic development are rapidly evolving, and the most crucial levers can also be the most challenging to apply.

Straife helps policymakers tackle the imperatives and impediments. Our cutting-edge resources and knowledge aid in quickly developing the optimal strategy for individual regions.


Public sector data breaches are not slowing down. Unmanaged privileges and accounts are consistently under threat, and the attack surface is expanding. Straife’s approach secures every user, asset, and session across your entire organization.

Training & Program Development

Straife helps develop the values and competencies that are the foundation of public service and offers state-of-the-art learning experiences tailored to each client’s needs. Leveraging a customized train-the-trainer model and cutting-edge e-learning technology, we work with social sector and government organizations to drive transformations that significantly impact society. 

By combining a highly collaborative working model with insights from globally recognized experts, we create, share, and apply knowledge and skills to address complex challenges.

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