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Creating growth and prosperity at pace

Straife works with policy-makers to help understand and capitalize on opportunities for foreign aid and foreign investment. From organizing foreign trade missions to engagement with sovereign funds and international development agencies, Straife provides tailored solutions for individual client needs.

Igniting growth

Straife’s network of subject matter experts has the expertise to position agencies for success. With a deep history of designing and negotiating land development deals and solving complex infrastructure issues, we collaborate with industry experts and allies that include rail providers, port operators, site selectors, financing partners, utility representatives, and commercial and industrial real estate developers.

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The foundation of economic development

A Trusted Partner Straife works as a trusted partner with heads of state, government ministers, and senior leaders of development agencies on their most pressing challenges.
Support from start to Finish We support our clients with projects from start to finish, using our proven delivery methods, tools, and solutions for diagnostics, analysis, strategy development, capability building, and implementation.
Deep expertise in the public and social sectors Our deep expertise in the public and social sectors is complemented with over a century of combined private-sector experience across all industries and capabilities.
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Unparalleled expertise that overcomes challenges

Public sector organizations are key to societal and economic progress and well-being. We work with government organizations to improve the lives and livelihoods of their citizens, driving transformations that have a significant, positive impact on society.

Our services encompass:
  • Foreign Trade Missions
  • Sovereign Funds Investment
  • International Development
  • Private Investment
Economic Growth & Investment

Powerful solutions to complex, multi-stakeholder problems


Foreign Trade Missions

Trade relationships are crucial to the well-being of billions of people. Straife helps develop international trade partnerships, facilitate trade negotiations, and identify frameworks to support export development and improve the trade balance.


Sovereign Funds Investment

The constant volatility of global financial and market challenges has forced a comprehensive re-think of how historical returns and volatility should be interpreted. It has proven that a better investment risk concept is needed. Straife guides nations on how to boost their sovereign wealth asset bases and pursue distinct investment strategies. 


International Development

We combine our specialist expertise in strategy, program design and delivery, funds administration, monitoring and evaluation, and anti-corruption with detailed market knowledge to deliver solutions with measurable long-term impact and help our clients achieve their goals. 


Private Investment

Public investments pave the way for private-sector innovation and growth. Many of the biggest advances in economic productivity, innovation, and technological capacity have resulted from government action. Straife helps organizations create strategies and partnerships to enhance government revenue and public investment levels.

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