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Ensuring the integrity of governance systems at all levels

The threat of nation-state-level cyber-attacks has never been greater. Straife works with government agencies to identify and mitigate cyber threats, as well as provide forensic investigation support for past attacks.

Maintaining an environment that minimizes risks

Protecting assets is critical for the future development of nations. Straife offers threat prevention, detection, and response as part of an overall comprehensive cybersecurity plan. We evaluate risk in a rigorous, disciplined manner, pinpointing security vulnerabilities and delivering solutions to protect corporate finances, reputation, and property.

Our team consists of specialists in IT, threat intelligence, risk management, and law enforcement. Years of experience and deep sector knowledge allow us to deliver bold, comprehensive solutions that enable our clients to be more technologically resourceful and sophisticated while preventing systemic cyber incidents.

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Strengthen programs in the face of challenges

Consistent compliance Apply and manage compliance controls consistently across your infrastructure.
Data and threat protection Unify intelligence across control points to detect, block, and remediate targeted attacks.
Cross-sector collaboration Our collaborative approach enables greater intelligence sharing, cohesive threat response, and robust international infrastructure.
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Keeping organizations secure and moving forward

Our approach to security is built around the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Security Framework, which guides security activities and ensures that your organization’s risk management processes protect against cyber risk.

Our services encompass:
  • Cyber Risk & Governance
  • Threat Detection & Response
  • Data Protection
  • Ransomware Prevention
  • Privacy & Compliance
  • Vulnerability Assessments
  • CISO as a Service
  • Managed Security Services

Safeguarding critical industries with cybersecurity advisory and protection


Cyber Risk & Governance

Whether we’re discovering data stores, setting policies and procedures, or delivering full lifecycle management, clients trust Straife to deliver tailored advice. We’ll help you illuminate, prioritize, and mitigate critical cyber threats.

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Threat Detection & Response

Our cybersecurity combines expert-led human analysis with deep and dark intelligence sources to deliver customized, actionable reports to reduce cyber risk exposure.


Data Protection

Straife’s industry-leading data protection and privacy services help organizations stay updated with best practices in the constantly evolving threat environment and regulatory landscape.


Ransomware Prevention

Our subject matter experts bring a wealth of practical knowledge to shore up enterprise ransomware protection and prevent advanced threats from stealing highly sensitive data.


Privacy & Compliance

In addition to providing solutions to support national and international security, management, and privacy standards, Straife’s privacy and compliance solutions systematically audit, track, and report on the implementation and ongoing effectiveness of your security controls — a key requirement in several risk management frameworks. 


Vulnerability Assessments

Our deep sector knowledge and experience allow our team to support corporations in assessing and identifying security flaws and breaches in their cyber infrastructure with a comprehensive review of technical controls in place, governance, and process, along with a roadmap of action.


CISO as a Service

Straife’s cutting-edge cybersecurity and privacy solution combines software and services to identify and stop cyber threats. Using proprietary technology that’s tailored to individual client needs, we help organizations protect their data, brand, and bottom line.


Managed Security Services

With a team of highly skilled engineers and analysts focused on constantly improving your security posture, Straife helps unify your organization on security priorities to accelerate transformation.

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