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Coordinated strategies and approaches to defeat terrorism and organized crime

Straife enhances information sharing, partnerships, and investigative capabilities to fight counterterrorism and organized crime.

Helping organizations succeed in a
volatile world

Straife provides intelligence analysis, counterterrorism training, protection, cybersecurity, security teams, and other unique solutions.
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Prevent and defeat threats

Intelligence driven As an intelligence-driven firm, we offer a range of capabilities focused on detecting, deterring, and defeating terrorism.
Proactive collaboration We work with the proper authorities to find those in terrorist organizations and assist in bringing them to justice, mitigating long-term threats.
Unparalleled experience Our expertise draws from the senior ranks of the law enforcement and counterterrorism communities, with domestic and international experience.
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Detect, deter, and defeat terrorism

Straife’s globally-recognized experts have spent decades working within U.S. and international law enforcement and intelligence agencies including training foreign officials in over 30 countries.

Our team works to understand the terrorist threat, terrorist tactics, and methods, individuals participating in the terrorism, and develops and implement systems, strategies, plans, and solutions that detect and prevent terrorist attacks. 

Our services encompass:
  • Security Threat & Risk Assessment
  • Protective Security Modelling
  • Response Planning
  • Task Force Operations 
  • Countering Terrorism Financing
  • Human Trafficking
  • Foreign partner capacity building
  • Training & Development

Competent and unbiased counterterrorism security advice and planning


Security Threat & Risk Assessment

Our geopolitical risk analysts proactively search for and analyze the threat of terrorism that comes from International Terrorist Organizations, Domestic Terrorist Organizations, and Individuals determined to inflict terror upon societies, organizations, and individuals.

Protective Security Modelling

Countering terrorism and organised crime requires a response across the whole of government and with close allies and multilateral organisations. Our Protective Security Modelling solutions help organizations and agencies substantially reduce the level of serious crime that requires a national reaction.

Response Planning

We help national agencies develop and deploy specialized knowledge and technologies to address and combat some of the most difficult issues facing agencies in an emergency.

Task Force Operations 

Our globally recognized experts help facilitate the exchange of information at the federal, state, and local levels. We coordinate and integrate intelligence between law enforcement functions and the private sector to achieve overarching counterterrorism goals.

Countering Terrorism Financing

Straife guides partners on detecting illicit funds – especially those from terrorist organizations emanating from, transiting through, or entering their countries – by helping them identify deficiencies in their anti-money laundering (AML) and other financial regimes, building the knowledge and skills to address those deficiencies.

Human Trafficking

The complexities of this problem demand a multidisciplinary, collaborative, and victim-centered response. Through prevention, enforcement, investigation, and prosecution, Straife supports local and national law enforcement agencies in building effective human trafficking prevention programs.

Foreign Partner Capacity Building

Understanding a partner’s institutional capacity is critical to the development of a full-spectrum approach. Straife assists allies and partners by ensuring they successfully perform a security role in support of shared objectives.

Training & Development

Straife’s team of subject matter experts provide on-the-ground training of various sets of best practices offering practical guidance for countries as they seek to enhance their counterterrorism capacity and bring greater strategic coherence to global counterterrorism capacity building efforts.
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