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About Straife

Straife provides risk advisory and compliance services for governments and multinational organizations worldwide.

We create transformational value

Straife serves businesses, governments, public-sector agencies, and not-for-profits around the world, creating long-term value for our clients and trust in their organizations by overcoming their most pressing challenges.

Innovation is what excites us. Led by globally-recognized subject matter experts who specialize in everything from cybersecurity to counter-terrorism, our strategic use of technology helps provide certainty where uncertainty is the norm.

Straife is committed to quality and service excellence in all that we do. Our approach to solving market complexity is ever-evolving to ensure we deliver sustainable, measurable results.

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Solving our clients’ most pressing challenges with integrity

Straife’s values are the foundation of our culture, embedded in everything we do, and define us as an integrity-led global consulting firm:

  • Solving the toughest problems through new perspectives and insightful expertise to discover untapped competitive advantages
  • Driving inspired impact by looking beyond what comes next and collaborating closely with our clients to empower their organizations
  • Conquering complexity through novel approaches that challenge traditional thinking and operating methods
  • Leading with integrity by confronting difficult truths and staying true to our values

Unparalleled Expertise

Our team of specialists draws upon decades of experience in diplomacy, law enforcement, intelligence, public policy, corporate M&A, and digital innovation to deliver solutions that meet the needs of each client. Straife experts provide comprehensive solutions based on their combined expertise in both government and corporate spheres.

Deep knowledge, broad experience

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Our Leadership

Joseph Fleming is the CEO and Managing Director of Straife. He brings a unique combination of expertise in both the corporate and political worlds to Straife, having spent many years managing corporate M&A transactions before representing high-profile political clients such as the governments of Pakistan and Libya.

Joseph Fleming Founder & Managing Director read bio
James Conway
James Conway served our nation with distinction for over 35 years, 25 of which as a Special Agent of the FBI. Throughout his career, James managed many successful and complex investigations in Organized Crime, Violent Crime, and Counterterrorism. He also served as a member of the FBI’s elite tactical SWAT team.
James Conway Managing Director & Senior Strategist read bio
Jason Fuller

Prior to joining Straife, Jason worked for the office of U.S. Senator Ted Cruz beginning in February 2018 as the Southeast Texas Regional Director, where he regularly met with elected officials, business leaders, stakeholders, and constituent groups to address their concerns and promote economic growth for the region.

Jason Fuller Managing Director & Global Development read bio
Ron Gualy

Ronald Gualy is a highly qualified and experienced executive. His successful career includes creating value, identifying and formulating strategic, revenue-generating opportunities, projects, partnerships, joint ventures, acquisitions, and alliances within the energy, renewables, technology, and engineering industries.  

Ron Gualy Managing Director read bio
bahadir square

Bahadır Kaleağası is the President of the Paris Bosphorus Institute and lecturer at the Galatasaray University in Istanbul on international economic relations, sustainable development, and European integration.

Bahadır Kaleağası​ Managing Director read bio
Craig Lebamoff

Craig Lebamoff is a Managing Director at Straife and advises on human trafficking, customs enforcement, border security, mass migration planning, and other related topics, including U.S. State Department funding sources available to foreign governments.

Craig Lebamoff Managing Director read bio
Yadel Öskan

Yadel Öskan is a Managing Director at Straife. Having been born in Frankfurt, Yadel studied German Language and Linguistics as well as literature at Istanbul University. A lifelong entrepreneur and investor, he founded multiple companies throughout his career in a myriad of industries. 

Yadel Öskan Managing Director read bio

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