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Transforming environmental,

social, and governance information into insights

Straife builds long-term sustainability strategies that remove the confusion of competing standards and differing regulations to drive transparency, performance, and quality.

Our team includes experts in European Union’s green deal compliance and European strategists experienced in leading non-EU companies and public institutions in their EU policies and actions.

Practical, sustained improvement

Straife provides comprehensive strategic, technical, and engineering services to clients, including pre-feasibility engineering studies, carbon intensity assessments, and turnkey ESG strategy deployment. Through our partners, we also support clients with carbon offset trading requirements.

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Transform your sustainability objectives 
into measurable impact

ESG ecosystem solution

Our subject matter experts help organizations understand the technical and business challenges of the ESG environment, U.S. regulation, the European Green Deal, and international finance.

An integrated approach

Straife guides companies to make immediate, significant progress in ESG integration, reporting, accountability, and access to finance while building ESG strategies that unlock future value.

Corporate buy-in

Our trusted ESG professionals are well-versed in managing and exceeding stakeholder expectations and helping leaders adapt to changing business environments to thrive long-term. 

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Understanding the changing landscape

Straife’s risk-forward approach to advising provides actionable advice to support organizations in making informed business and investment decisions, improving their value on ESG, and reducing risk.

Our services encompass:
  • ESG Risk Mitigation & Reporting
  • Energy Risk Mitigation
  • Strategy Development
  • Stakeholder Analysis
  • Solar Energy & Storage Projects
  • Industry Focused Analysis

Innovative services and solutions that work for you


ESG Risk Mitigation & Reporting

Through our combined audit and assurance experience, we advise clients on their complex problems as they strive for real, sustainable results.
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Energy Risk Mitigation

Through a multifaceted approach to build a more resilient energy system and a shared commitment to positive change, Straife helps companies navigate and derisk energy transformation in an era of uncertainties.

Strategy Development

Straife helps enterprises create effective strategies that navigate a wide range of organizational challenges in support of significant business outcomes.

Stakeholder Analysis

Our globally recognized experts analyze and reinforce the carryover effect of stakeholders' contributions to the economic success of the company.

Solar Energy & Storage Projects

Through an established execution model developed over decades of experience, we work with companies to provide solar and storage projects that generate clean, affordable energy.

Industry Focused Analysis

Straife’s expert team of ESG professionals helps companies create formalized and industry-specific ESG strategies that integrate sustainable practices considerations into their business strategies.

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