Digital transformation is advancing at breakneck speed, and that’s handed CSOs a huge opportunity to update approaches to cybersecurity. However, the private sector is struggling to contend with the growing scope, scale, and complexity of cyber risks. We evaluate a corporation’s risk in a rigorous, disciplined manner, pinpointing security vulnerabilities and delivering solutions to protect its finances, reputation, and property.

The Straife team comprises specialists in IT, threat intelligence, risk management, and law enforcement. Our years of experience and deep sector knowledge allow us to deliver bold, comprehensive solutions that enable our clients to be more technologically resourceful and sophisticated while preventing systemic cyber incidents.

Prevention & Protection

Ransomware Prevention

Ransomware is on the rise as cybercriminals turn to increasingly savvy and tougher-to-prevent means of monetizing cyber attacks. For businesses who become victims of ransomware attacks, the consequences can be devastating. As such, preventing and defending against such attacks is vital for every business. Straife’s subject matter experts bring a wealth of practical knowledge to shore up enterprise ransomware and prevent advanced threats targeted at stealing highly sensitive data.

Cybersecurity Audits

A common misconception is that a company’s cybersecurity solutions are maintained and managed via standard risk assessments. However, a separate cybersecurity assessment is absolutely critical. Our deep sector knowledge and experience allow our team to support corporations in assessing and identifying security flaws and breaches in their cyberinfrastructure. We also provide varying guidance levels, both when assessing risk at the start of the engagement and when uncovering a cybersecurity incident that occurred during an audit.

Incident Simulation Exercises

As cyber compliance and regulations take hold worldwide, the expectations of organizational security must endure cyber resilience through crisis management exercises. This allows the board and senior management to be prepared and rehearse a major crisis caused by a cyberattack. Testing the security of the organization is an important measure to prevent threats. Effective scenario-based testing can expose gaps in the incident response capability. It can also eliminate the wait for an attack to test your organizational security in the event of an attack.

Cybersecurity Training

The sophistication of modern security threats continues to advance. Knowledge of cybersecurity and information technology is extremely important because it’s the basis for preventing a cyber breach or attack. Employee education in cybersecurity is imperative because a security threat cannot be avoided or reported if it is not recognized. Designed to empower leading industry experts, our customized cybersecurity awareness training significantly reduces organizational risk and enhances organizational security culture.

Technology Implementation

The list of cyber threats posing a danger to businesses is ever-growing. As such, it’s imperative companies significantly speed up the design and implementation of their cybersecurity architecture. With expert insight and experience, Straife identifies the IT assets that business continuity depends upon. SMEs guide enterprise operations through the implementation of controls across all assets behind cybersecurity waste and productivity loss as well as workflow management systems so processes can be made more effective.

Security Operations Center (SOC) as a Service

Security teams are hard at work on the front lines: identifying, analyzing, and mitigating threats facing their organization. Despite their best efforts, incident backlogs and alert fatigue continues to grow. Straife’s cutting-edge cybersecurity and privacy solution combine software and services to help identify and stop cyber threats. Tailored to individual company needs and using proprietary technology, we help organizations protect their data, brand, and bottom line.

Incident Response

Following a crisis, our experts can establish effective remediation plans to resolve issues that occur during an incident or crisis, strategically positioning you for greater awareness and long-term tactical resilience based on cost-effective remediation planning and execution. It’s difficult to shield businesses completely from cyberattacks, so creating an effective response and recovery plan is crucial. Straife cybersecurity experts aid private sector clients in performing and validating data recovery and restoration efforts.

Crisis Management

In the evolving world of cybercrime and data manipulation, a quick response is key. Straife helps corporations prepare a robust cybersecurity crisis management plan for their business. From media relations to building a vital relationship with law enforcement, Straife’s leading industry experts create a holistic and adaptive crisis management strategy to provide organizations with a more advanced and more impactful response, investigation, and triage should an attack occur.

Investigation & Remediation

Cybersecurity attacks come in many forms. Our extensive team of subject matter experts brings unique capabilities to create a response framework that pools together their knowledge in investigations, network, and host forensics, data analytics, and legal compliance. From identifying the root cause of an incident to preserving key forensic evidence to restoring secure operations, skilled Straife consultants assist businesses in getting back online.