Risk Management

Risk is a persistent and pervasive aspect of business today, and to address it successfully, you need a team that offers more than risk advisory expertise alone. At Straife, we commit to understanding your company and culture and your processes and priorities.

Our understanding of your business, coupled with our global experience and industry-specific knowledge, enables us to develop and advise on unique risk solutions that generate opportunity, add long-term value, limit liability, and empower you to move forward with confidence.

How Straife Can Help
General Corporate Risk Assessments

Organizations face rapidly evolving, increasingly complex risks, and managing compliance and regulatory demands alone is insufficient. Straife subject matter experts bring insight into current risks you’re facing and those you may face in the future. We help you establish a practical approach to manage risk more effectively.

Supply Chain Risk Assessments

Agile supply chain management allow you to serve customers better, anticipate disruptions, and meet your performance metrics. Straife helps clients better understand their business’s ability to successfully respond to disruptions, enhance supply chain resilience, and preemptively diagnose potential issues.

Crisis Management

Corporate reputation is one of the most valuable resources of any company and is at the forefront of corporate planning. Our team has years of experience to assist with planning, response, outreach, and business continuity. We help reach audiences and disseminate critical information, to ensure that our clients can make the right decisions amid intense external and internal pressures. 

Organizational Needs Assessments and Capacity Building

Organizational needs and capacity are complex and fluid – they change over time, and perceptions often differ within and across organizations. Through quantitative assessments and expert knowledge, Straife helps client organizations understand their organizational needs and strengthen areas where capacity can be enhanced.

Internal Process and System Development

While technology and expertise are often listed as critical drivers or corporate success, in reality, corporations flourish or fail based on the success of the processes that drive their business. From regulated operational process needs to mission-critical call centers, Straife works with organizations to develop, implement, and audit processes driven by real-world expertise and industry best practices.

Security Vulnerability Assessments

Regardless of whether you’re just beginning to consider your company’s physical and cyber security needs or you have long-established practices, outside security vulnerability assessments are a key component for all companies. 

As trusted specialists, our clients rely on Straife’s expert validation. Moment-in-time visibility provides findings to system weaknesses with the expert interpretation that helps guide process assessments and remediation development and implementation.

Continuity of Operations and Resiliency Planning

Running a successful company requires that your company remain operational in various conditions that could disrupt the flow of normal business. The development, integration, and maintenance of continuity considerations and capabilities is a shared responsibility of the whole enterprise and helps build more resilient business operations. Straife subject matter experts provide real-world, practical, and pragmatic solutions to resiliency planning, including emergency response, hostile area training, and evacuation planning.